What is the Trailblazer Challenge?

The TrailBlazer Challenge is a journey of 525 “self-propelled” Kilometers to be covered over a span of one year. This is a national movement empowering YOU to take a personal journey to discover the physical, mental and spiritual benefits gained through being in the outdoors.

The challenge aims at encouraging people to take the challenge to help change their life in a positive way, one step at a time.

Who is this Challenge for?

This Challenge is open to anyone who loves the great outdoors or wants to be familiar with nature. It is open to all ages, genders and races, within or outside Nairobi



Our Goal is to get people outdoors and to move at least 1km a day during 2018 in nature. We also aim at creating and developing a culture of getting outdoors at least once a week to gain inner peace, strength, community bonding and foster great friendships.



As avid hikers, we understand the benefits of spending time outdoors. Be it running or walking or hiking in nature even for as much as half an hour keeps us sane.

We believe that small distances done over a long period of time end up having a great impact on our lives. They help create healthy habbits , build self – discipline and do wonders to the mind, body and soul.

And you are not alone. You can motivate your friends to join you and support you or get support through other TrailBlazers that you meet online. Working together to accomplish a goal is a great idea. And when you work together as a community, you also get rewarded.

How Do you become a TrailBlazer:

Are you ready to take on a life changing journey? Are you ready to do whatever it takes to complete the challenge, including meeting new adventure partners and exploring places you have never been before?

If so, we welcome you to the challenge! 

The goal of the Challenge is to help you get outdoors at least once a week for a year. 

Most people start their journey here, and they never look back.

Sign up through our website

Membership Fee: 1000Kshs

Upon Membership receive a Women who Hike Badge. Use this badge when sharing pictures of yourself getting in your Kilometers.

Unlock Levels as you progress and log in your Kilometers eventually leading to an automatic entry into our grand draw!



Aside from the above mentioned aesthetic benefits you also get

  • ·         WWH Badge and gear
  • ·         Entry into a private Supportive and fun Facebook group just for participants
  • ·         Motivation and support workshops to conquer your 525 kilometers (meet & greet with motivational and sport personalities)
  • ·         The opportunity to enter prize draws and win sponsored gifts at each level
  • ·         Automatic entry into our Grand Draw if you complete your 525Km challenge by midnight 31 December, 2018.
  • ·         A Finisher’s Medal and Certificate




Make it more Interesting

So we get it. Everyone could walk a KM a day or cover ground on the way to work. But the aim is to get outdoors. Here is how we make it more interesting for you and help you earn BONUS Kms for your individual scorecards:

  • ·         3 waterfalls – earn 15km Bonus Points
  • ·         2 Forests – earn 10KM Bonus Points
  • ·         1 Community Hike (clean-up or tree-planting restoration) – earn 15KM Bonus Points
  • ·         Group Hikes – 5KM Bonus Points for each New Group Hike
  • ·         Make a referral and earn 5KM Bonus Points for each referral you make
  • ·         Sunrise or Sunset Hike – earn 10KM Bonus Points
  • ·         Bucket List Hike (one you have always wanted to do and is challenging) – 50KM Bonus Points
  • ·         Reflection Hikes (Journal your hike and tell us what you went through at the beginning, middle and end of the challenge) – 25KM Bonus Points
  • ·         Register before 31st January 2018 – earn 10KM Bonus Points


The Bronze Level : 0 – 200KMS

·         TrailBlazer Tshirt

·         Access to Online Community

·         Motivational Talks (Meet & Greets)


The Silver Level : 201 – 450KMS

·         Access to all Bronze Level Benefits PLUS:

·         Motivational Workshops

·         Newsletter with tips and resources and “New” Hiking Destinations

·         Entry into Prize Draw and Chance to win fantastic gifts


The Gold  Level : 451 – 525KMS

·         Access to all Bronze and Silver Level Benefits PLUS:

·         Automatic Entry into GRAND DRAW

·         Finisher’s Medal and Certificate



The culture we wish every "challenger" instills is one of support for each other. Together, we become stronger. Whether you are a beginner or advanced hiker, we know you will gain more inner peace, confidence, and camaraderie through our community. So what are you waiting for? Sign up today!