Mt. Kenya Prep Hike - Are you Ready?

We return to the Aberdares Ranges to attempt the Elephant Hills.

Located on the Southern-end of the Aberdares Range, the Elephant hills makes for a great challenge as it rises to more than 3,000ft. The unique flora and fauna found here are a great attraction.

Also, the hike presents one with a variety of terriains from Mountain Vegetation, Forest Plantations, Bamboo Forests, Alpine and Moorland Deserts - a prelude to what Mt. Kenya will be like.

Don't give up until you get to the Summit. With the clouds below your feet, and a Killer view of the Great Rift Valley, Lake Naivasha, Mt.Longonot and the Ndakaini & Sasumua dams, you cannot afford to miss this one.

This hike is highly recommended for all those attempting Mt Kenya in May, 2018.

Difficulty Level : High
Duration of Hike : 7 - 8 Hours


Kenyan Citizens: Khs. 3,500.00
Residents: Kshs. 3,800.00
Non-Citizens*: US$ 45.00 (exchange rate 105)


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