Mt. Kenya Prep Hike - Test your Endurance with our first Prep hike.

Kijabe Hill is located North West of Nairobi and is part of the Kikuyu Escarpment .The Escarpment has major attractions sites which include Williams Hill, Gatamaiyu river line walk, Kijabe / Kiharu circuit and Kereita forest and waterfall.

The hike starts along Nairobi / Naivasha Highway past Mai-Mahiu and hike up across to the Nairobi / Nakuru Highway

This hike is highly recommended for all those attempting Mt Kenya in May, 2018.

Difficulty Level : High
Duration of Hike : 7 - 8 Hours


Kenyan Citizens: Khs. 2,700.00
Residents: Kshs. 3,000.00
Non-Citizens*: US$ 35.00 (exchange rate 105)

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