A Double Waterfall Treat!

The Hike Ragia Falls Hike starts at Sasumua Dam through Chinas Camp Gate and proceeds deep into thick bamboo forests and elephant trails. 

The trails follow the leave way and suddenly makes a steep drop to Sasumua River which leads to the so called Magnificent "No. 18" waterfall.

From the waterfall, the trail leads to another sharp descent back to the pipeline leave-way  which then leads to a second cascading waterfall and  the famous Mau Mau caves  where Mau Mau generals Field marshal Dedan Kimathi and general China used to hide.

Truely a Magical Experience.

Difficulty Level: Moderate
Time 7 Hrs 30 Min


Kenyan Citizens: Khs. 2,700.00
Residents: Kshs. 3,000.00
Non-Citizens*: US$ 35.00 (exchange rate 105)


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