I am Sylvia Mwangi from Nairobi and always had a heart for the wild; wildlife, landscape and most of all pushing my limits (both physical and emotional) through conquering mountains. With my marketing profession lying more on going out and interacting with people, I still found my love for nature and its conservation more prominent and so left the office and took it to the mountains where I found my peace.


Hiking for me is basically therapeutic. The more I climb, the more i find myself and become happier. Being a member of wildlife clubs since secondary school has enhanced my involvement in the environment as well as hiking.


For every summit I conquer, I’m encouraged to do more for myself, those who are not able to and my future kids.


It all takes stamina, courage and perseverance to keep on going. My energy bars, a bottle of glucose water, great company and a positive attitude gets me there any day, and these moments are always treasured.



I’ve hiked around a lot, and it still holds that a well-defined trail is very important! Because of this I would say Eburu Forest was a tough one since we lost track of the trail and found ourselves in the middle of nowhere. The stinging nettles were not so kind to me either. Thirst, frustration, but hope…..From climbing with my four limbs to sliding down a steep slope while seated, it was not funny! But as we always do, WE MADE IT!


After this experience, I went back to my books seeking more challenging terrains and no one can stop me now. Planning to conquer Mt. Satima on 23rd Sept. and Mt. Kenya in January 2018.


This is to all go getters and beautiful women, nothing is impossible if you put your mind to it. Just go!! Love your life and love yourself more, you deserve every greatness coming your way. Let’s go conquer mountains and enjoy nature, it’s all a blessing.


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