Hello, I am Rawan Abdulkarim Dakik, From Lebanon. I am 16 year old mountain climber! I grew up in a society that is open to exploring mountains in Tanzania. In school there is an outdoors pursuits program that allowed me to find this hobby that I I’m currently pursuing.

My goal is to climb the 7 highest peaks in the world and carry the title of being the youngest Lebanese, Tanzanian and African girl to set this record.


To graduate from MYP 5 (Grade 10), we as students were required to create a personal project, so I took as an advantage to promote teenagers into mountain climbing and being active.  I choose this because I saw how the current generation is always on their phone and lack energy to do anything, so I decided to encourage them to walk in the mountains so they can have a relationship between themselves and nature.


I have done 3 out of the 7 mountains, Kilimanjaro, Elbrus, and Carstenz. I’m looking forward to summit the 4th mountain hopefully this December Mt.Aconcagua 6962m in Argentina. To train for my mountains, I go to the gym 20 hrs. per week, and climb other mountains with high altitude(I have done 3 other mountains that are not included in the 7 summits).


My message to all women is; go out and see the world, see what you are capable of doing, show men that not everything is them we have our rights too and we can do what we want when we want to, show the world that you are a strong independent woman, and without you realizing this makes your personality stronger!


Thank you


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