Meditation in motion!

Wow! What a start to the year. This year has started on a very positive note for me. Things I have never done before have just started happening automatically. My spiritual practices and path has opened up and my first proper hike too! Everything happens when it’s meant to!

I totally believe in this line….. Alia had been following me for a year to join her to hike and every time I would have some excuse but little did I know that the universal forces were working behind the scenes to give me what I needed at this point in time and I somehow signed up for my first proper hike without thinking too much about the difficulty level and my fitness levels to complete the hike.

On the eve of the hike I was relatively nervous and did my best to prepare for the hike. It was a busy Saturday from finishing routine tasks to preparing for the hike and cooking in advance to make sure my boys (Husband and Son) were ok for the day on Sunday. Considering I had been on a salt free one meal fast 8 days prior to the hike and having only had 3 hours of sleep I wasn’t sure of myself.

I was hiking for the first time so I wasn’t sure whether I’m well equipped or not and how will everyone perceive me!  I’m totally grateful for my bestie Darshna Patel who kept boosting my morale and reminded me to stay calm. But me being me doubts kept creeping in my head and I couldn’t get rid of them until I sat in the bus! I received a warm welcome from Alia and just sat there observing everyone! I realised it’s a non-judgemental environment. Nobody cares what you are wearing or how you look. The aim is to hike and hike together regardless of race, sex and social status. We are all hikers at this point with different levels of fitness.

The ride to the starting point was amazing I never saw this chirpy side of my bestie Darshna where she kept on giggling and talking away…..I loved seeing her this way…..her preparedness for the hike in terms of all her hiking gear made me think am I prepared enough or not? This thought kept on going on in my mind but I said to myself come what may with what I have come with I will make the most of what is now and get through this hike. I also made a new friend Yaris who sat next to me in the bus. The bus ride was lovely and little did I know what’s coming my way. I couldn’t think or even imagine the level of difficulty of the hike. “You will be okay!” said Darshna. The drill is when you reach the starting point there’s a self-introduction of everyone present, a warm up session and finally you pair up with whom you want to hike. The WWH team had hikers who split up to either be leaders or sweepers and there were some who would be either leading or sweeping or motivating those in between.

The first thing I learnt was that no one is comparable as everyone is hiking at their own pace. There were people ahead of me and some behind of me. I had to drop the idea that the people who have hiked before will finish this hike before me. You simply can’t just judge anyone on this hike as everyone was just hiking at their pace. “Run your own race at your own pace” is one life lesson that was reinforced in my mind! This hike represents life…..tough situations and challenges will come your way but just tackle it all with the best of your ability and go through things in life and come out stronger. I started hiking with Darshna but at one point I found that she went ahead of me and those who were behind me caught up with me. As I would take a break huffing and puffing for air I would think about my life journey, my fitness levels and my breathing techniques and my faith in my spiritual master. I kept thinking what is that driving force that’s pushing me to take the next step? Having forgotten my water proof jacket and my cap at home I had prayed for it to not rain. This hike has totally killed my self-doubt, restored my faith and humbled me. We underestimate the power of the higher force that holds this world together. You can’t just take it for granted and you can’t fight it too. Take a hike and see how tough it is to get up those hills that look so beautiful from a distance. Every stone, every plant and every tree is positioned where it’s meant to be.

With resilience, patience, and faith in the higher power and yourself you can achieve what you set your mind to achieve. I have always had a problem with starting something and not finishing it. Finishing this hike has given me a sense of achievement and now I know that I can finish what I start. This is the start of a new process and hopefully in due course all my incomplete tasks are going to turn into completed tasks.

We finally got to the top of the first hill the view was phenomenal. All I could see was a green carpet all around the hill. Obviously by this time we realised that our strength would be to have the ability to tap into our calm (which was the theme of the hike) when we felt overwhelmed and had a doubt in our minds. Going downhill was neither too hard nor easy. I felt numb as I walked downhill by myself. I followed the crowd but they vanished after some time and I was left on my own and in no time one of the hikers caught up with me. We caught up with the group ahead of us and waited for the next lot to come in. I had reached my breaking point. I thought I couldn’t finish this hike. I waited for Alia to come so that I could get some painkillers for my headache and walk with her to the spot where we were to have lunch. Lunch time was my breaking point, I gave up on my salt free fast and had a handful of salty potato crisps only to realise later that I wasn’t sure how the salt intake helped me. Lesson here is we feed our minds on we need this and we need that but the truth is that there are many things that we think we need but in essence those things are not needed.

Lunch break was over and we started the second phase. Yet again the people who I started off the second phase of the hike with went ahead of me and with time I started lagging behind. My intuition wasn’t strong enough to help me move ahead so yet once again I found myself waiting for Alia and the rest who were with her. Joey and I continued walking together till the point where the way ahead was clear. It always looks easy but it isn’t! So as I walked up to the tricky point of where the big rocks were I was received and helped by Adil to the point where he felt I could comfortably move ahead. At this point there were two ways to get to the final leg of getting to the top of the hill. I was lucky enough to be guided by Adil. Once he left me on my own I had to keep my calm and make every move carefully as the rocks were slippery and I had to use my mental and physical  strength to make the right moves without making a single mistake. One wrong move and I would have slipped. Step by step I made through this tricky patch only to realise that the people who had gone ahead of me were getting through a worse patch than me. Slowly but surely I made to the top of the second being welcomed by the other hikers. I joined them to wait for the rest and finally we all walked to the bus together.

The end of the hike drill was to stretch and share our experiences! To end this article I can say this hike was meditation in motion and I am definitely look forward to many more hikes…..Thank you team Women Who Hike. YOU ROCK!!!!


Parita Bulsara

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  1. #WWHAfrica
    #WWHAfrica says:

    Thank Parita… you did all the work.. we were just there to nudge you along on your great journey… keep an eye open for those suble nudges in life and you will get to great places my friend!!!

  2. Gagandeep Singh
    Gagandeep Singh says:

    It’s great hope to join you soon


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