This is my second hike with women who hike Kenya! They have been gracious enough to let me join them for hikes! My first hike with them was for the Sukuma Twende project. A whole 10km that was the first time ever walking more than a kilometer a day ever in my life! Now if I tell you I wasn’t able to walk the next day! Sigh! I really wasn’t I swore the following morning that I was Never going for a hike ever again in my life! But I guess time does really heal all wounds literally…

 The week after the hike I had feeling of accomplishment I completed my first 10km all 100+ kilos of me did that! I walked with my head up so high! I was so proud of myself I finally accomplished something other than having a full box of Domino’s Pizza!  I was much happier I had a chance to make a few new friends on the hike and got a chance to network with the movers and shakers of this country so I was motivated to go for another one! I wanted to feel the feeling of accomplishment. It is a feeling that’s really hard to put into words.

 So on the 8th of October I challenged myself to climb Mt. Longonot! I had 3 goals that day:

1) Don’t give up!

2) To take a really cute picture up the mountain

3) Don’t die!

I was so excited till I got there and saw how big it was. It all started well but I felt I couldn’t do it …I just couldn’t!! My whole body and mind were agreeing that I couldn’t do it but my heart wouldn’t let me quit this race! I felt my heart on my throat but I still didn’t give up! Some of my team members noticed I was struggling and stayed back with me too keep encouraging me and reminding me  to breath they never gave up on me we would go up a few minutes and rest…they believed I could do it even when I Believe i Couldn’t.

 They gave me motivation to keep going! After a while we arrived at the top!  That feeling of accomplishment and pride rushed through my veins! I did it again!! I climbed the mountain! I completed my goals for the day! I did not give up though many times I really did feel like it! I did not die!! Last but not least I took a really cute photo at the top next to the sign to remind myself whenever I feel like I can’t accomplish a task that I can really do it! (I’m actually framing it and put it up on the wall!)

 The lesson for me that day was that life is like a hike sometimes it gets tough we fall, we give up, we cry and scream we rethink our Choices we ask ourselves why we put ourselves in that position? Why do I think I can do this?  But with the right people around us who will always encourage you and not give up on you! That I can achieve anything I put my mind to! (Word to live by!) As much as I want to take all the credit for my accomplishments I really can’t! I’d like to personally thank zizi him being cute is enough encouragement but for also staying back with me and encouraging me and giving me stretches to do throughout the hike.. I’d also like to thank Alia (mkubwa) for being so understanding and kind and encouraging me and telling me I could do to make the hike less hell-ish.

 Last but not least I’d like to thank Alia (mdogo) For giving me a chance to improve myself and giving me the chance to find myself and to finally see the  cup half full other than half empty. Thank you for showing me so much love and support and encouraging me and accepting me for who I am! I’ll forever be grateful for you giving me the chance to find Makena again! And to the women who Hike Kenya members! I’d like to thank all of you for accepting me and tolerating my loud laughs! Love and adore you all! Till we meet again for the next hike! Love Makena

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