My name is Loise Kamanu. My hiking journey started almost a year ago.

Weekends were then all about movies and preserved snacks, let alone a big bag of fries! After a year of this, I decided enough was simply enough. I sourced intensely for something I would do different over the weekend and Alas! I landed an expedition that was visiting the Aberdares ranges (Elephant Hill). This marked what would be a long life journey that I never saw coming.

Hiking has impacted my health greatly, I can say am more fit and shockingly, fall sick less often compared to before. In the mountains I like to have quiet moments where I reflect and un- wind from the daily town noise and commotion. The serenity and silence gives me back sanity, that I dint realize I was missing. Meeting different hikers has made my scope of thinking wider and much greater and my problem solving skills have heightened tremendously. The trail always has surprises that need fast thinking.

The drive to achieve more and push myself beyond what I might consider as impossible keeps me going. The thought of being a pace setter on the hikes makes me push on. Someone has to set the bar and am willing to be among the pioneers.

Every hiker’s dream is to achieve and reach the highest peaks for sure but, we all have our minds fixed to specific mountains.

In the beginning I dint think beyond Mt. Kenya but overtime things have changed drastically and I consider covering the top 5 peaks in Africa then, we can see about hiking outside Africa.

I am calling upon any woman who wants to be exceptional to embrace hiking. It is an experience that will turn around your life.

About Loise:

Loise is a Hiking Diva. Like her page on FaceBook: Hiking Divas and dare to be women with a difference.

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