Hello Hikers family!

I started hiking this year -2017 but it has always been my passion. Mother Nature especially mountains, trees and water have always been close to my heart. While on a hiking trip in year 3 as a scout girls guide I realized first time how much fun it was.

Years back went to Ngong hills with a few friends and decided to explore more…. though it never happened until now!

Last year I was diagnosed with an ailment in which I had to go through rough time….. that changed my life forever. My moto became “I CAN ” since then. I feel summiting a mountain is like overcoming obstacles in life and moving on.

Fortunately came in contact with a very dynamic hikers group with motivating leaders who helped me relive my dream. You can still call me a BEGINNER but will keep doing it for as long as I CAN!

Mountains have and will always keep strengthening me inside out.

My name is Deepali and this is my story……

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