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Sylvia Mwangi

I am Sylvia Mwangi from Nairobi and always had a heart for the wild; wildlife, landscape and most of all pushing my limits (both physical and emotional) through conquering mountains. With my marketing profession lying more on going out and interacting with people, I still found my love for nature and its conservation more prominent […]


Parita Bulsara

Meditation in motion! Wow! What a start to the year. This year has started on a very positive note for me. Things I have never done before have just started happening automatically. My spiritual practices and path has opened up and my first proper hike too! Everything happens when it’s meant to!


This is my second hike with women who hike Kenya! They have been gracious enough to let me join them for hikes! My first hike with them was for the Sukuma Twende project. A whole 10km that was the first time ever walking more than a kilometer a day ever in my life! Now if […]


Hello World! My Name is Stellah and I am a Female Mountain This is my story, on how I came to be a female mountain guide Born the early 70s as the as the 1 st born in a family of four. I grew up doing what girls did in my times; Go to school, […]


Hello! This is Priti, I am a sales and marketing manager. I started hiking in July of 2017, and was totally surprised at how beautiful Kenya is. My first hike was to Kiima Kiu, known as “the Black Hill” and located almost 3 hours away from Nairobi towards Athi River.


Hello!! My name is Mariam. I’m 28 years old, and I live in Nairobi. I am a Kindergarten teacher by profession. I have been doing different cardio classes for over 4 years and i was looking for a change.  I started to hike last year just to test my strength and endurance. Noticing the changes […]


My name is Loise Kamanu. My hiking journey started almost a year ago. Weekends were then all about movies and preserved snacks, let alone a big bag of fries! After a year of this, I decided enough was simply enough. I sourced intensely for something I would do different over the weekend and Alas! I […]


Hi, I’m Amrat! I am a Wedding Planner and a mother of two amazing boys. I started Hiking in March this year and my first Hike was to Eburu Forest. I had never hiked in my life before, and I was pretty nervous about it. I am not going to lie and say it was […]


Hello I’m Aleema! I want to believe that I’m a globe trotter. From spending my childhood days in Breezy Bukavu (Democratic Republic of Congo), to spending the better days of my teen years in Kosher Kenya, to frozen winters in the Cooling Cauldrons of Canada, through to fast Moving Mumbai and the Coolness of Cape […]