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Darshna Hirani

Hi My name is Darshna Hirani aged 37 yrs and mother of 4 kids. I always wanted to climb mt Kenya and kilimanjaro since school days but I guess I dint get chance. After marriage when my cousins planned to go my Kenya but couldn’t go coz I was expecting my second kid and 3 […]


Hello Hikers family! I started hiking this year -2017 but it has always been my passion. Mother Nature especially mountains, trees and water have always been close to my heart. While on a hiking trip in year 3 as a scout girls guide I realized first time how much fun it was.



When Alia asked me to pen my story for Women Who Hike, I initially agreed but took a long time to actually write anything. Everytime I thought about it, I would wonder what to write and how it would be received by those reading it. Don’t get me wrong, its not that I do not […]


Grace Njeri

Hi, My name is Grace from Nairobi. I work in telecommunications as a marketer.   I hike because it is fun and enables me to keep fit as well.   I used to be an active Girl guide and ranger back in primary school and that is how I got interested in hiking.  My parents […]



When I was 30, my dream was to climb Kili the day I turned 40… unfortunately this still remains only a dream; this milestone has come & gone with no mountain (or hill) in-sight. There was no way I was even climbing off my couch, yet alone a mountain.


Joan Nduati

Hello, My story is going to be a little different from the many ladies here as hiking is not my number one activity.  I am a biker and am mostly on my motorbike riding to anywhere and everywhere.



CLIMBING MOUNT LONGONOT- BY LINDAH ATING’AH I hiked up Mt.Longonot with a group of hikers belonging to Women Who Hike-Kenya on 8th October 2017 and that it was my best experience yet for 2017 is an understatement. Apart from testing my physical strength and endurance, I learnt other things not related to hiking and made […]


Hello World!   My Name is Stellah and I am a Female Mountain   This is my story, on how I came to be a female mountain guide Born the early 70s as the as the 1st born in a family of four. I grew up doing what girls did in my times; Go to […]


Rawan Abdulkarim Dakik

Hello, I am Rawan Abdulkarim Dakik, From Lebanon. I am 16 year old mountain climber! I grew up in a society that is open to exploring mountains in Tanzania. In school there is an outdoors pursuits program that allowed me to find this hobby that I I’m currently pursuing.


Sylvia Mwangi

I am Sylvia Mwangi from Nairobi and always had a heart for the wild; wildlife, landscape and most of all pushing my limits (both physical and emotional) through conquering mountains. With my marketing profession lying more on going out and interacting with people, I still found my love for nature and its conservation more prominent […]