Hi, I’m Amrat! I am a Wedding Planner and a mother of two amazing boys. I started Hiking in March this year and my first Hike was to Eburu Forest. I had never hiked in my life before, and I was pretty nervous about it. I am not going to lie and say it was easy – if anything, I thought I would not make it beyond the first kilometer. I kept getting out of breath and the steep hill just seemed to never end.

But then I thought to myself. I have two choices. To either keep going or to give up. Giving up was not an option! So I treaded forward determined to reach the summit. The walk was a long one, but it was beautiful. I can never forget the sight of the forests and above all the breathtaking views of the Sleeping Warrior which I could see. Although because of the rain and time factor, I was not able to reach the summit, I have never looked back again. I continue to go for hikes most weekends and I have only gotten better.

Hiking has helped me lose weight as it provides an alternate form of exercise which gets you outside into the wild. You meet new people and having lots of fun! You end up burning a lot of calories without even realizing it. Seeing me getting all excited about my hikes and talking about all the magnificent views has gotten my family interested and my elder son now joins me on hikes as well.

My most recent hike was to Mount Kenya. It was amazing. We do not realize how beautiful our country is until we spend time with nature. Being on top of Mt. Kenya made me realise that I had conquered what I once had thought was never possible. In life we come across many situations that make us want to give up without even trying. My advice to you – Never say Never! I now have my sights set on Mt. Kilimanjaro which I plan to conquer in October.

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